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Validation is an expert recommendation based on extended analysis of data, hosted by the organization in open access

What are criteria taken into consideration?
Openness trustworthy/current information about the activity of the charity is in public access Transparency reports about the activity of the CHARITY are in open access Experience long-term partners from business, charities, mass-media, state bodies
  1. The CHARITY has its site;
  2. The CHARITY is registered in social networks;
  3. The CHARITY has well-defined objective and mission;
  4. Programs and actions of the CHARITY correspond to its objective and mission;
  5. Registration documents and reports about the activity of the CHARITY are in open access;
  6. Open information about the activity of the CHARITY, its actions and events is actual and regularly updated;
  7. The activity of the CHARITY is consistent;
  8. Information about its team and volunteers who help the CHARITY;
  9. The CHARITY uses various means of communication to inform about its activity;
  1. Reports about collected and spent donations give clear understanding of how much the CHARITY collects and spends, who is the addressee of the help;
  2. Auditor’s certificate;
  3. Board of guardians and/or expert board, board of directors or other structure which supervises the activity of the CHARITY;
  4. Board of guardians includes representatives of business, charities, mass-media and well-known people.
  1. The CHARITY collects donations from various sources – both individuals and legal entities;
  2. The CHARITY receives grants and subventions, including the ones from the state budget;
  3. The CHARITY takes part in various targeted events;
Experience of «Doroga vmeste» Charity
«Doroga vmeste» charity is a non-profit organization which works in Russia since 1993 and supports charitable programs aimed at social needs of the following groups of people
Children from risk groups
Refugees and homeless people
The disabled: children and adults
Elderly people
Victims of emergency situations
Doroga vmeste
Transparent distribution of donations
Audit according to the best experience in the field of charitable activity
Close control and monitoring of projects
Donors are sure that their donations will be received by those,
who need it most of all.
To support expert complex charitable activity development and cover essential social needs of people by supporting charitable organizations.
— Stability
— Openness and transparency
— Expertise
— Cooperation and support
— Competence

The charity «Doroga vmeste» (United Way of Russia) is the Russian charity which works according to the world international standards of United Way. From 1993 till 2008 the Charity worked as the Russian branch of the United Way International. In 2008 the Branch was re-registered as the Russian Charity. «Doroga vmeste» is engaged in collection of donations from businesses and individuals. All collected donations are distributed in Russia. «Doroga vmeste» charity cooperates with charitable organizations which help the following categories of people: children-orphans and children from risk groups, disabled and elderly people, refugees and the homeless.

Since 1993 the charity has arranged more than 1000 charitable programs directed on fund raising to increase the number of socially responsible businesses, develop standards of charitable activity in our society. The map of its projects includes Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Lipetsk, Kursk, the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Moscow, Leningrad, Amur, Voronezh, Bryansk, Tver, Kaluga and Tula regions. Today the charity «United Way of Russia» is a team of professionals and experts in the field of charitable help. We are sure that only if we unite our efforts we can contribute much to our common wealth.

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