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About us

Our project «One For All And All For One” has started to form a team since October 2013. To our great surprise we didn’t have to look for staff at all. The key was our idea – to unite web aggregator, talk show and social sponsored advertising for more effective help for people who need it, and the idea quickly attracted its supporters.

All of us somehow took part in various charity actions and projects as individuals before, and now we want use our professional experience in “One For All And All For One” and make the good more accessible.

Galina Bogachkova

Chairman of Non-profit Partnership “And All For One”

Education: The Moscow State Academy of the Press, Publishing and Book Trade faculty.

For more than 10 years worked on TV (program director of “Sluzhu Otchizne”, ViD television company; executive producer of “Na voyne kak na voyne” talk show and many documentary series).

Why did I join the project «One For All And All For One»: «To my mind if a person trusts in good he should help those who need it by all means».


General Director of LLC “One For All”

Education: The Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism, journalist.

For more than 20 years worked in news & current affairs, public relations and web projects – television channels TV-6 and 1st Channel, worked as journalist, TV presenter, producer and head of departments of “Zvezda” Television Company, cofounder and General Director of TV advertising aggregator SNTEX.

Why did I join the project «One For All And All For One»: «I think that a grown man who has already a family and made a career, can well respect himself only if he can change the world to the best. For me the project “One For All And All For One” is a possibility to help not one or a few but many people».


Менеджер по работе с НКО НП «И ВСЕ ЗА ОДНОГО»

Education: Российский государственный социальный университет.

Около 10 лет работает в социальной сфере, НКО, маркетинге.

Why did I join the project «One For All And All For One»: «Тяга помогать людям и не оставаться равнодушным в любых жизненных ситуациях нашла свое отражение в работе в «И все за одного». Теперь я могу оказывать поддержку людям в более широком аспекте».

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