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Charity Foundation "Who if not us"
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To help children and old people.
Saint Petersburg
Charity Foundation "Zdorovoe serdce detyam"
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To provide targeted aid to children with congenital heart disease.
Charity Foundation for Children "Good Crane"
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To help families who deal with the problem of pediatric oncology, to provide volunteer assistance. To promote the establishment optimal conditions for children with cancer in the hospital.
Charity Foundation for children "To be a man"
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Assistance for disabled children suffering from serious illnesses, orphans and children left without parental care.
Charity Foundation for children with cereb...
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To provide comprehensive assistance to families with disabled children (especially children with cerebral palsy).
Charity Foundation for targeted aid "The P...
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To help people in hardships, people with disabilities, and people with serious diseases.
Charity Fund of Kuzbass "Detskoye Serdtze"...
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Charity help for children suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
Charity fund "Let there always be me!"
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Helping children with cancer, hematological and other serious diseases; fund-raising for children treatment and rehabilitation; providing social and psychological assistance to those children.
Charity fund "The Sky"
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Helping people with disabilities, orphans, lonely widows, the elderly, and the homeless.
Charity fund "Vanechka"
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Targeted aid to children and young people up to 18 years with hematological and other serious diseases, support for the parents of these children.
Charity named after Alyona Petrova
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Helps children with oncology in Tomsk and Tomskaya region.
Children and parents against cancer
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Rendering complex assistance in treatment, psychological support and rehabilitation of children with oncological diseases in St. Petersburg.
Saint Petersburg
Children's Aid Society named after L.S. Vy...
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Help children with special and developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, nervous and mental diseases and other disorders.
Children-Angels of Vladimir
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Social charity, psychological and financial support for treatment of disabled children.
Children’s urology in Omsk
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Help for children suffering from dysury, urological disorders and their families.
Chistoe serdce
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To support for the poor and indigent people who are in hardships (children, students, disabled, veterans). An employment assistance, humanitarian, volunteer assistance, legal support.