Koreyskaya ul., 24-13, Nizhniy Novgorod, 603081, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast, Russia

Charity fund "Deti bez mam" ("Children without moms")

Nizhniy Novgorod

We deal with

  • Social care
  • Legal support
  • Psychological aid
  • Rehabilitation and adaptation
  • Help in difficult life circumstances
  • Voluntary help
  • Non-financial/humanitarian aid

We help

  • Children (0-11 years)
  • Adolescent (12-17 years)
  • Adult (18-59 years)
  • Orphan
  • Poor/ unemployed/multi-child family

Charity description

One day we became volunteers. We took care for orphans in the city hospitals. Unwittingly being a volunteer has become our way of life.

The whole scope of problems an orphan faced was clear to us and we understood that we couldn’t shut our eyes to what was going on and came back to our everyday life. Step by step we’ve realized that orphans who stay in hospitals require effective and appropriate to their needs help as well as further support. We reached a consensus on what to do and “Deti bez mam” charity (“Children without moms”) was founded.

Our charity helps:
1. Children who don’t have a mother.
These children had been abandoned by their families because of different reasons. But for the child who has to cope with his illness alone it doesn’t really matter much, why it so happened. The child just knows that together with his mom he recovers faster. We provide individual care for children without parents and children in difficult situations who stay in the city hospitals. Very often we deal with children suffering from congenital diseases. Very often families abandon such children.

2. Families.
It often happened that we helped children who had families but their mothers didn’t have the opportunity to stay together with them in hospitals or to take them home after recovery. So we’ve launched our second help option - support of families in difficult life situations so the child not to be sent to a children’s home for orphans if he has a family or relatives.

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320 000
Ты можешь говорить!

Благотворительный фонд "Дети без мам" собирает средства на программу "Два детства – один мир". Всего за год занятий в рамках этой программы детки с синдромом Дауна учатся говорить. Именно благодаря этому они однажды смогут пойти в школу и освоить какую-нибудь профессию. Но часто родители особенных детей не могут самостоятельно платить за занятия с психологами и логопедами. Чтобы оплачивать труд этих специалистов, нужно собрать 320 000 рублей.

Event is finished
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700 000
Вылечим маму 6 летней девочки!

700 000 рублей собирает благотворительный фонд «Дети без мам» для мамы шестилетней девочки. У Татьяны Бутусовой острый миелобластный лейкоз, ее может спасти пересадка костного мозга. Татьяне просто необходимо выздороветь, она должна жить ради любимой дочки Сони, ведь кроме мамы и бабушки у Сони больше никого нет.

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