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Regional public organization for social assistance to the needy “Bozhedomie” (“A house of God”)

Pionerskiy village
Fundraising NKO

We deal with

  • Medical Treatment
  • Palliative care
  • Social care
  • Legal support
  • Psychological aid
  • Rehabilitation and adaptation
  • Voluntary help
  • Help in difficult life circumstances

We help

  • Children (0-11 years)
  • Adolescent (12-17 years)
  • Aged (older 60 years)


Regional public organization for social assistance to the needy "Bozhedomie" is the founder of the Set of aid "Solnechnaya Polyana" (“A Sunny Meadow”). Complex care "A Sunny Meadow" is developing as a charity initiative, whose purpose - to help children with incurable diseases and their parents, children with cerebral palsy disease, orphans Elizabethan orphanage, as well as elderly people who due to lack of close relatives can not take care About Me.
"A Sunny Meadow" includes:
- Elizabethan Children's Hospice;
˗ kindergarten for children with cerebral palsy;
˗ poorhouse;
- Elizabethan orphanage;
˗ Church of the Holy Martyrs Faith, Hope and Charity and their mother Sophia;
˗ Administration Building, which will be located in the office of the Elizabethan visiting children's hospice center and volunteers;
˗ farm for the animals, for the children's classes animaloterapiya.

Elizabethan Children's Hospice: Elizabethan Children's Hospice is a free medical and social institutions, which provide care, providing medical, social, psychological, spiritual and legal help incurable patients and their families, both during the illness and after the loss of a loved one.

Kindergarten for children with cerebral palsy:
The main objective of the project - free of helping children with cerebral palsy. The children group experts hold classes promoting their development and inculcation of practical skills. During the day the baby will solve a large number of tasks that are strictly regulated and have their own structure (the scheme from simple to complex).
The main objectives of the group is:
˗ Teaching children the practical life skills in everyday life, the family and society, which is associated with the need to adapt to the child just need to things: to hold a spoon, dress yourself, go to the toilet, to learn to communicate with their peers, to express their thoughts and needs;
˗ Providing expert assistance in speech correction, mental and physical disabilities. Correction of motor and mental disorders in the child is carried out by performing special sets of exercises. For the development of cognitive and artistic and aesthetic skills classes on modeling, drawing, kollazheterapii. Actively used form igroterapevticheskoy, leisure activities Child;
˗ Providing personal spiritual and psychological assistance and support to parents of children with disabilities.

Poorhouse: the poorhouse planned unselfishly taking especially needy elderly people who due to lack of close relatives is not possible to take care of themselves.

Elizabethan orphanage:
Elizabethan orphanage, located in the territory of the Martha and Mary Convent, brought up to twenty girls from fifteen to eighteen years. Older pupils are enrolled in the St. Elizabethan grammar schools, which is at the Martha and Mary Convent. Younger children are taught in an orphanage, the teachers come to them. The girls are educated, spiritual and moral education, medical and psychological assistance.

Shrine of the Holy Martyrs Faith, Hope and Charity and their mother Sophia:
A feature of the temple is not only its location in the immediate vicinity of the buildings, home sick children, but also that the temple is provided with a number of design features that make it convenient and comfortable to visit disabled children. Entrance to the building is equipped with a ramp, the width of the passage is oriented in space for wheelchairs, as well as on ways of movement of persons with disabilities do not have thresholds. Inside the Temple itself also creates an environment tailored to the needs of people with disabilities: candlesticks and icons are placed on a level accessible to parishioners wheelchair. The church provided with seats for the disabled and other people with limited mobility, equipped with handrails to facilitate ambulation.

When Elizabethan Children's Hospice will be organized children's palliative visiting service, which provides free medical, social and psychological support to families with terminally ill children at home. Assistance is provided to a child with a life threatening or limiting conditions, as well as providing assistance to the family of the child. The administrative building will be located center volunteers. The volunteers - people who selflessly do good. His spare time, they are willing to give to others, ready to help by personal participation, needs, transport, money, relationships, skills in various spheres of life of our complex. We will be glad to each volunteer!

Facilities for the animals, for the children's classes animaloterapiya: animaloterapiya (from the Latin animal ˗ animal) ˗ type of therapy that uses animals and their images to provide psychological assistance. This is a civilized scientific method of treatment and prevention of serious diseases. In animaloterapiya used symbols of animals: images, pictures, fairy-tale characters, toys, as well as real animals, contact with which is safe. The positive effect of animals on the infected person is confirmed by experiments. People who have pets live longer and suffer less ˗ a scientific fact. However, their nervous system is in much better shape than those of people who do not have pets. Free engage with animals are not just children who are undergoing rehabilitation in a hospice or a walk in our garden, but also the children who are in need of employment with animals.

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