Sosnovy bulvar, 6, Kemerovo, 650002, Kemerovskaya oblast, Russia

Non-profit organization “Charity Fund of Kuzbass "Detskoye Serdtze" (“A Child’s Heart")


We deal with

  • Medical Treatment
  • Cardiovascular diseases

We help

  • Children (0-11 years)
  • Adolescent (12-17 years)

Charity description

The main goals of the charity are:
- to improve the quality of treatment and preventive care of children;
- to support preventive care of cardiovascular diseases;
- to improve rehabilitation (step-by-step treatment) of children suffering from cardiovascular diseases;
- to support cardiology, its facilities, equipment and skilled personnel in the Kuznetsk Basin;
- to support modern technologies in treatment of cardiovascular diseases;
- to work out and submit suggestions to the involved state and city authorities, active participation to upgrade cardiology services in the Kemerovo region;
- to support professional training courses, research workshops for personnel to master their skills and knowledge;
- to attract resources for the main goals stated in the Charter of the charity.

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