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Charitable fund for children's aid, aid to indigent families and people with disabilities, "Dari dobro (Give good)"

Fundraising NKO

We deal with

  • Social care
  • Rehabilitation and adaptation
  • Voluntary help
  • Help in difficult life circumstances
  • Non-financial/humanitarian aid

We help

  • Children (0-11 years)
  • Adolescent (12-17 years)
  • Adult (18-59 years)
  • Aged (older 60 years)
  • Disabled person
  • Orphan
  • Refugee
  • Poor
  • People who suffered from natural disasters/accidents /wars


No matter how strange it may seem to some people but a bright joyful mood has nothing to do with acquisition of material goods. Let's say you bought a cool car. You had been enjoying your car for a day or two watching jealous people around and that's it: your joy passed away. And it was not joy to be honest, it was something else ... The experience of entire humankind history says: the real joy will dwell in your heart for long only when you do not acquire, but rather ... you give away, give away selflessly. A covetous man will never be happy, he will always ask for more. Only the one who generously shares with others his love, kindness and compassion can be happy.

There are many people around us who are caught in a difficult situation: they lost their jobs, their house has been burned out, their children are ill ... you never know what might happen! So people struggle desperately trying to get out, but they don't have enough strength and capabilities to do it. And when hope dies and vital powers disappear together with the desire to live, then the despair comes . And it is good if they find someone who will not be indifferent to their misfortunes, the one who can help, lend a shoulder, who will support and encourage.

Charity begins with the desire to help those who need help. Some are ready to help with money, others want to share what they have, and others are happy to support with a word of encouragement. If there is a desire to help those who suffer, all means are good.

Charitable fund "Dari dobro (Give Good)" was organized by a group of like-minded people who are not indifferent to the fate of children left without parental care, large low-income families, single mothers, single deprived old people.

Our business is getting developed, more and more people are joining us. People who are ready to provide support. The number of our patients is growing, and thanks to you, new opportunities to help them arise everyday! Together, we are helping people who are in difficult situations. We buy required goods or services, organize collection of clothes, medicines, toys, books, and other necessities.

Goals and objectives of our activities are:
- to improve the living conditions of children from poor families and children left without parental guardianship;
- To help fund raise medications and health care preparations;
- To support single mothers, single poor old people and large families.

We understand perfectly well that our fund activities can not solve the problem of orphanage and lack of social protection in Russia since they are aimed at mitigating the consequences, not the causes, which are social and economic troubles in the country. We can not save everyone, but we can help people by giving them a piece of our warmth and kindness.

Source of information: http://www.fonddaridobro.ru/index.php/o-fonde

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