The charity fund for elderly people “Svyaz pokoleniy” (“Across the Generations”)


We deal with

  • Social care
  • Rehabilitation and adaptation

We help

  • Aged (older 60 years)

Charity description

The charity fund “Svyaz pokoleniy” (“Across the generations”) is engaged in culture and leisure activities for people of elder age (50+) and social events.

Our four current projects are: 1. Leisure&Travel Club “Barkhatny sezon” (“The Velvet season”).It is the club of elder people who lead an active life. The Club holds various workshops, cultural and leisure events with educational, sport and travel options.

2. The All-Russian Contest “Across the generations”. It is a contest aimed to unite all the state, non-profit and charity funds, socially responsible business which are involved in help and support for elder people in various fields.

3. The All-Russian social event “Mom, I love you!”. The event is dedicated to the Mother Day in Russia and aimed at promoting of family values and traditions, protective care to a woman-mother. Our annual events include promotion of this holiday in Russia.

4. "Give your parents a vocation as a present!". It is the project which helps to remember about our parents and present them a vocation abroad which they might have a dream of through all their life. Together with the All-Russian action “Mom, I love you!” this project carries out the social mission of the “Across the generations” charity – to remember our parents forever and thank them for everything they have done for us.

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