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Vysokovoltny proyezd, 1-39, Moscow, 127566, Russia

"Sofya" Charity for children with congenital heart defects


We deal with

  • Medical Treatment
  • Cardiovascular diseases

We help

  • Children (0-11 years)

Charity description

The main aim of the charity. We have the main thing why we were created, it is a desire to help children with congenital heart diseases and hospitals which treat these children.

Why did we unite together? When we had to find money for our own child we understood that money was not the greatest problem. Hospital where handy surgeons work are in the lack of financing to order the necessary equipment.

If one wants to collect donations for treatment himself he often goes through both humiliation, anguish and prayers… But kind people are the majority comparing to suspicious and angry ones who are not able to feel pity for somebody’s grief… But not everyone can come out with such kindness. And doctors are not able to make fund raising for missing equipment which can save the lives of their small patients. So we founded the All-Russian charity for cardiology which can help parents of sick children to find the money not only for an operation but the necessary medical suppliers for hospitals.

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