33, Primorskiy prospekt, St.-Petersburg, 197183, Russia

The independent non-profit charity “Partnertstvo kazhdomu rebenku” (“Partnership for every child”)

Saint Petersburg

We deal with

  • Social care
  • Legal support
  • Psychological aid
  • Help in difficult life circumstances

We help

  • Children (0-11 years)
  • Adolescent (12-17 years)
  • Disabled person
  • Orphan
  • Poor/ unemployed/multi-child family

Charity description

The independent non-profit charity “Partnership for every child” is a team of professionals which firmly believe that the best place for a child to develop and grow is his birth family whenever it’s possible.

MISSION: “Partnership for every child” provides families and children with innovative and cost effective social services which meet the individual developmental needs of every child at risk of losing parental care or without parental care.

Every child needs love, care, stability and safety. These feelings arise when a child is near his mother, in family environment. If a child is left without parental care, even temporarily, his life changes drastically.

All families face difficulties and problems. But some families cannot overcome them alone. There are instances when adult family members are not capable to fulfill their obligations to care for their children, for example, hospitalization, serious illness of one or both parents, or of other children in the family, death of a relative or a need to move.

In such cases families can apply to public institutions to temporarily place their children. But there’s a better way. P4EC has developed an alternative – “Children in Family Service” which keeps children in a family. The aim of the Service is to support the parents, teach them how to overcome difficulties, but mostly to save the family and prevent a long separation.

“Children in Family Service” has the following areas of activity:
• The “Short Break Service”, assisting families who raise children with disabilities;
• “Just in Time Help”, intensive support of a family in a crisis;
• “Road to Mum” service, urgent placement of an infant into a professional family;
• Qualified assistance to a child whose parents are going through termination of parental rights.

The Service is aimed to provide children with temporary professional family care, specially trained individuals who are committed to provide temporary care surrounding a child with care and attention, creating a safe environment. This form of assistance is geared toward personal care and meets all child’s needs: takes into consideration a child’s schedule, personal characteristics, his temperament and lifestyle – everything that a public institution is unable to provide. Professional family’s care keeps child’s psychological and emotional health in balance, protects his attachment and trust skills.
We work in close collaboration with social workers, child welfare workers and when it is possible with a child and his family.

Source: http://p4ec.ru/

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