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"Dimina Mechta" ("Dima’s Dream") Charity for orphans and disabled children

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We deal with

  • Medical Treatment
  • Neurology and Psychoneurology
  • Hereditable/Genetic diseases
  • Musculoskeletal system disorders
  • Other diseases (respiratory system, digestive system, hearing and visual disorders, urogenital system, hepatic and skin disorders, infections, burns, appearance deformities)
  • Rare (orphan) diseases
  • Social care
  • Rehabilitation and adaptation
  • Voluntary help
  • Non-financial/humanitarian aid

We help

  • Children (0-11 years)
  • Adolescent (12-17 years)
  • Disabled person
  • Orphan


"The charity was named after Dima Martynov, the little boy, who has lived a short life struggling against his illness. Dima was brought up in an orphanage for mentally retarded children and like many disabled orphans suffered much because of lack of care, attention and qualified medical aid. Once Mary Dadly visited this orphanage, at that time she was still the Chairman of the International Female Club. She noticed Dima, who sat still and indifferent. Orphanage staff thought the boy understood nothing, but when Mary threw a ball Dima caught it and pushed back. Mary became very attached to Dima, she often visited him, donated to the orphanage and started to collect donations in the USA every year. Mary’s family supported her activities. Dima’s life became full of care, communication and sympathy. Every time Mary or other volunteers came he was very glad to see them. But one day Dima died. On the 16th of March 2006 Mary Dadly and her colleague Sergey Andruyshin founded the charity to help orphans and disabled children and they named it “Dimina Mechta” (“Dima’s Dream”). So they started their work for the sake of children suffering not only from illnesses, but indifference which made kids stay in unsociable environment: with no toys, walks and very often even without clothes, feeding and care. “Dima’s Dream” is the child’s dream to come out of social isolation and escape from the orphanage. The dream to have a family, be loved, get understanding and help. The dream to LIVE in our world and understand that the world and people around are wonderful!

Dear parents! At the present moment applications for our program “Shag navstrechu” (“A Step Forwards”) are temporarily suspended because of too many applicants."

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