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Charity Foundation "Center for Social Support "Novaya Nadezhda" ("New Hope")

Saint Petersburg
Fundraising NKO

We deal with

  • Medical Treatment
  • Addiction
  • Social care
  • Psychological aid
  • Rehabilitation and adaptation
  • Voluntary help
  • Help in difficult life circumstances

We help

  • Children (0-11 years)
  • Adolescent (12-17 years)
  • Adult (18-59 years)


Support of orphanages, children's homes, social hotels, rehabilitation and adaptation centers, groups of day-and-night stay for the needy people, disabled people and their families.

“Novaya Nadezhda” (“New Hope”) rehabilitation centre:
- rehabilitation and adaptation of individuals (personal development for everyone), addictive (problem) people in 3 generations, including children, helping them to give up their bad habits;
- family support through mentality changes of each member;
- to attract the Target group to healthy life style and positive attitude towards the society;
- to make the Target group be able to cope with unfriendly social environment;
- cooperation of state, business, public and religious societies in order to solve this problem;
- to attract emphatic people with the corresponding education, knowledge, skills and experience to appear in mass media;
- to attract people who have given up addictions (illegal drugs, alcohol), including those who were in prison, and now are well-socialized to take part in social programs;
- cooperation with church in this field.

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