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Click here and get to our General Directory of Charities which are ready to accept Applications for Help via our Website. Click here and get to our General Directory of Charities which you can donate via our Website. Click here and get to our Media Materials Directory. You can select charities to become the Sponsor and support their promotion in mass media the list of which is presented in our Media Packages section.
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What kind of events do we repost on our website and why do we choose them?

We can give at least three reasons (but in fact there are much more):

  • Urgent fundraising of a great sum of money

    It often happens that people need charity help very urgently. As a rule if we mean complex surgery one needs a great sum of money urgently. It is easier to do it when many people unite their efforts in short time. In order to help such cases we repost these events on our Website.
  • “Untrendy” charity

    We suggest you start to help the ones whom almost nobody helps now. Rehabilitation of disabled persons, care for lonely elderly people, support of homeless – all these problems are very uneasy for fundraising. Let us take this difficult way and consider our help to these people to be our social care investment.
  • Small charities with limited resources

    Large and well-known charities are quite good in attracting donations. Our database includes a lot of small and unknown charities. It often happens they are the only ones who occupies untrendy charity niche, which embraces the most difficult sectors where it is almost impossible to attract donations. We would like you to be aware of these charities and their needs and to support them, so they can help more people.